Consider Flat Roof Installation in Brookfield, WI, for a More Affordable, Long-Lasting Option

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


While most are used to seeing flat roofs on top of commercial buildings, few expect to see a flat roof on a residential home. Sloped roofs are far more common for homes, but flat roofs offer several distinct benefits and are much more efficient in certain situations. To determine whether or not a flat roof is a good fit for a particular home, a visit from a professional roofing contractor is necessary. Roofing companies will assess the existing structure or plan for the new home and perform any needed flat roof installation in Brookfield, WI.


Flat roof installation in Brookfield, WI is usually far less expensive than constructing an angled roof on a home. Several factors play into this decreased cost. Flat roofs do not require any type of shingles, tiles or other materials to protect the roofs surface, so they don’t have the added expense of such materials. Also, flat roofs are much less prone to damage from weather conditions, so they don’t need such frequent repairs or maintenance. The initial installation and construction of a flat roof are much less involved, as well, as it is much less labor-intensive than a detailed, angled roof.

Long Lasting

Flat roofs from have a much longer lifespan than their angled counterparts. Most flat roofs are made using strong rubber or plastic layers that are far more durable than normal residential roofing materials. These roofs can last for several decades before they must be replaced, unlike angled roofs that typically only last ten to fifteen years.


Flat roofs take up much less space than angled roofs, so they are a great option for those who want to avoid especially tall construction. They also work well for areas like garages or additions that may not look attractive with a sloped roof. Also, flat roofs can be used for rooftop gardens, HVAC installation and more.

Flat roofs are a smart option for homeowners who want to decrease both their initial installation and their long-term roof maintenance costs. Flat roofs are much easier to construct and install than angled roofs, and they withstand environmental pressures much more efficiently. By opting for a flat roof, homeowners will have a unique, affordable design that cuts costs and offers longer, better performance.

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