Considerations for Truck Tires In New Jersey

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


Truck tires are beasts, designed for the heavy loads they carry. However, tires can and do wear out or blow out. In fact, one of the most common issues commercial drivers face is tire burnout. In most cases, truck tire service in New Jersey can be done roadside. This is true for almost all cases in which there has been no accident and truck tire service is all that your drivers need to get back on the road.

The tires for your truck fall into several different categories. They are largely separated by their function and their aesthetics. For example, if you choose a set of tires specifically for off-roading, then you will have to make some trade-offs in your on-road performance. The same is true of tires built for road performance; they will not be as efficient as off-road tires.

Large Tread

If you buy a set of truck tires in New Jersey that have large treads, you’re likely buying tires for off-roading. The tread is what helps you maintain traction. Your truck loses traction on the road when something creates a separation between your tires and the road; for example, hydroplaning is actually when your car slides on a thin sheet of water instead of the road. The tread of your tires serves to redirect the water away from your tires. That protects you from hydroplaning or losing traction.

Road Tires

Truck tires can also be built for road performance. They have lower tread that makes them more appropriate for the road. They are also often thinner. Since they are thinner and have lower treads, they do not create as much friction while you’re driving. The friction might seem like a non-factor, but the tiny difference can actually greatly hurt your gas mileage. Also, larger tires require slightly more energy to turn. The difference might be fairly small but it becomes significant when multiplied by thousands of revolutions per minute.

Road tires are better for your gas mileage but they will not be as versatile as larger-tread tires. You should decide which performance characteristics are most important to you. Read more about durable and affordable truck tire options. Whichever truck tires you choose, you should weigh the pros and cons before deciding.

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