Considerations When Deciding Whether to Buy a Transmission From a Shop Selling Used Truck Parts in Houston TX

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Aug, 2018


A large number of worn truck components can be safely and affordably replaced by Used Truck Parts in Houston TX. Even an engine can be replaced this way, adding another 100,000 miles or more to the vehicle. When it comes to an automatic transmission, however, repair sometimes is more cost-effective than replacement. The mechanic who will do the job can help with this decision.

Mileage on the Used Transmission

One main consideration is how many miles are on the used transmission. These components can normally be expected to last at least 100,000 miles, but they can start developing serious problems after that. In some instances, a shop selling Used Truck Parts in Houston TX gets vehicles that had been totaled in a wreck, and the transmission may have very low mileage. That can be a situation in which replacement with a used model is cost-effective.

Extending the Life of an Old Truck

Often, the goal when buying a used transmission is to extend the life of a very old truck. The owner wants to keep it to run around town or get to work and back. In that case, buying a used transmission with higher mileage can make sense if there are none available with lower miles.

For instance, having a used model installed that has 80,000 miles should still bring an absolute minimum additional 20,000 miles, and probably double that. It can take years to put on 20,000 miles just going to work and to the grocery store. The vehicle can still be used for tasks like transporting a riding mower from one property to another and hauling lumber for home improvement projects.

Concluding Thoughts

Rebuilding a failed transmission or installing and used one both require removing the old equipment and then doing a reinstallation. This level of transmission work is expensive because it takes many hours to complete. If a used transmission fits the customer’s goal, then it’s time to begin shopping with an organization such as Apache Auto Parts. Even when this type of parts dealer, doesn’t have a compatible component in stock, the representatives will search and find the part that is needed. Contact us to get started.

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