Considering Aesthetics When Choosing a Fence Design in North Port FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


When hiring a fencing company in North Port, FL, with the goal of keeping pets in the yard, homeowners must decide on the material and design. If they don’t like blocking the view with a privacy fence, they could choose a shorter wood or vinyl design. A 4-ft. structure with gaps between the panels can be effective and attractive. Another possibility is a chain-link fence.

Etiquette Guidelines

Property owners may prefer the aesthetics of the wood or vinyl fence until they realize that the back of the structure is supposed to face their own yard. This is considered proper etiquette, and nearly everyone follows the guideline so as not to cause friction with neighbors. Workers with a fencing company in North Port, FL, may be reluctant to build the structure the other way around.

Possible Solutions

One solution is to have extra panels placed on the back so that the fence essentially has two front sides. Another is to hide much of a vinyl, wood or chain-link fence with tall plants or vines. Some property owners decorate the back with colorful paint or planters so that the supporting beams are not as obvious.

Residential property owners may worry that chain-link fencing is too strongly associated with commercial and industrial properties to be attractive in this environment. With some creativity, however, the metal can blend in well with the yard and the neighborhood. All of these types of structures can be built by Business Name, which provides information on their website.

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