Considering Enrolling A Dog In Dog Daycare in Everett

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


When someone works away from home for long hours during the day, and they have a dog that they care for, they may want to consider enrolling their pet in Dog Daycare in Everett. This is a great way for a dog to have social interaction with others, which can eliminate depression and boredom. Here are some of the benefits a dog would obtain from a day care setting.

A Chance To Exercise

When a dog is a home on their own, they usually rest while their master is away. This can lead to obesity and overall lethargy. A dog requires exercise to keep in good health. If their owner is unable to take them on frequent walks or excursions outdoors, a dog daycare can provide these actions instead. The dog will get plenty of stimulation as well as enjoyment from the exercising it does.

Social Interaction

A dog daycare will provide the pet with plenty of attention. Not only will the dog enjoy getting petted and spoken to by the workers at the establishment, but it will also have the chance to interact with other dogs. Dog daycare facilities will match the dogs with others of the same breeds or sizes, allowing the pets to run around with others during their playtime sessions.

Constant Care

A pooch that goes to a daycare will be walked and fed according to their owner’s specifications. The owner will enjoy knowing their pet is being cared for the entire time they are at work, and the dog will not need to wait for someone to come home to take them outdoors or give them a meal. There will also be constant monitoring of any health problems, and a veterinarian will be available to give assistance if necessary. Medication can also be administered to dogs that require dosages during times their owner is at work.

If a pet owner wishes to find out more about enrolling their dog in a Dog Daycare in Everett, they will want to find a provider with a great reputation. Contact Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc today to make an appointment for a tour or to ask questions about the amenities available.

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