Construction Companies in Madison WI Offer IPD Services

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jul, 2019


There can be many problems when designing and creating construction projects. It is easy to get behind on schedule or go over budget because there may be many people working on the project. When you have a lot of participants, it is difficult to coordinate communications to get everyone to work together. Thankfully, some construction companies in Madison, WI offer integrated project delivery services (IPD). Here are some of the good things they can provide.

Lean Practices

Many people learned from the Toyota Production System. It used strategies to get everyone working toward a single goal. IPD takes ideas from this system to create an efficient and lean construction process. In the past, everyone working on a project was concerned mainly with getting their job done. They may have had little regard for the successful completion of the project.

Enhanced Safety

Most construction companies in Madison, WI want to have an accident-free work site. However, many on the job injuries occur when there is a lack of communications. Yet, this issue can be solved when one supervisor or attendant can control the activities of everyone involved in the process. There is no more going through the channels or chain of command to get things done.

Waste Elimination

When the design team and construction team can work together and share information, you have less waste to be concerned with. Workers no longer think in terms of “it is not my job.” They look at the project completion as everyone’s job.


Getting the job done is not good enough for the best construction companies in Madison WI. The job has to be done right, and quality control is everyone’s responsibility when you have an integrated project delivery system. If something is not done properly, it is re-done in the early stages to eliminate the need for a lot of unnecessary work.

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