Construction Malfunction in Pittsburgh

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


If you work in construction in Pittsburgh, than you’re aware of how dangerous a building site can actually be. Even though countless safety precautions are put in place to prevent anything from happening the stark reality is that a lot of the time they are not correctly maintained, followed or respected. So truth be told, construction sites are not safe. From falling from great heights to being electrocuted on the job, there’s plenty of accidents that can happen.

After workers are involved in accidents, most of the time they are left alone and confused. Being maimed by the event they are unable to find other work to support themselves and their families. Due to this, it has become common place that many severely injured construction workers return to work before their wounds have fully healed.

What Can They Do?

This situation mainly happens when the ill-fated worker is left without any guidance after the incident. They have little knowledge of the law, and so believe they must simply move on. This however is not the case. They need to hire a work injury attorney in Pittsburgh. If they hire a work injury attorney then they can make their first steps into getting the justice they deserve. If the accident was someone else’s fault then they deserve a piece of mind to help them through their recovery period.

What does a Work Injury Attorney Do?

If you hire a work injury attorney in Pittsburgh because you have been harmed in an accident at your construction site, then you have already taken the first step to recovery. A work injury attorney will make you a case against either your employer or the authority which is in charge of maintaining the safety regulations. They will then deem whether you have been wrongfully harmed, in which case you will be normally granted compensation to help you get through your recovery period. Construction work injuries generally include the following:

• Accidents on scaffolding

• Accidents on cranes

• Accidents with electricity

• Injuries from falls

• Accidents from welding

• Poorly placed trenches or trench accidents

Plus any other accident possible which has been caused by malicious neglect on the part of the employer, safety regulator, college, tool manufacturers or another construction agency.

Above all if you have been injured on a construction site in Pittsburgh, then as soon as possible, contract a work injury attorney in Pittsburgh to have your case reviewed. Typically, you will get a free consultation. Don’t delay, your piece of mind is key to the healing process.

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