Consult a Roofer in Frankfort IL About Recycling Asphalt Shingles

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


When it’s time for a new roof, a homeowner may feel bad about the impact on the environment with all those shingles going into a dumpster. There’s good news: today’s technology allows asphalt shingles to be included in the recycling process so that the dumpster’s contents don’t get dumped into a landfill. This is especially advantageous since many roofs have two layers of shingles before a complete tear-off and re-roofing project is done. A Roofer in Frankfort IL who needs to tear off all the old shingles is likely to know some of the uses for the material.

Since shingles are made of asphalt, it stands to reason that they can be recycled for use in asphalt paving. In fact, road building is the main use for recycled shingles as of 2015. Adding crushed shingles to an asphalt mix makes the paving material more affordable while actually enhancing the quality. Because they contain ceramic materials, the ground-up shingles can be used for an aggregate base, which means a reduced need for mining aggregate from the earth. Crushed shingles also work well as temporary roads and in cold patch mixes to fill potholes and cracks in roads and parking lots.

When combined with gravel, the ground-up shingles are helpful for controlling dust on unpaved roads. Gravel also tends to stay put when blended with recycled shingles, and the roads require less attention from maintenance workers.

There’s no chance that roofing nails will contaminate the mixes and lead to flat tires. First, the shingles are crushed to a relatively fine texture. Second, the material is sent under magnetic equipment that catches any nails.

Recycling facilities also provide used asphalt shingle material for inclusion in certain types of roofing material, including for new asphalt shingles. Now not only metal roofing can be considered for its recycled content, but asphalt shingles can as well.

When a new roof becomes necessary, homeowners might ask a Roofer in Frankfort IL about asphalt shingle recycling if they are concerned about the environment. A contractor such as Mueller Roofing Inc. does tear-offs and installs new roofs, and also provides a variety of other home improvement services. Interested homeowners can look at more info on the website.

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