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Posted By : Aubrey mead , on May, 2016


One of the most exciting developments in recent times has been that of solar power. Thirty-five years ago, solar panels on the roof of the White House were regarded as exotic and even bizarre in some quarters. But today, with increasing concerns over oil supply, energy costs, and the environmental consequences of the use of fossil fuels, solar technology has become a very sensible alternative to power homes and businesses. Increasingly, offices, retail outlets, schools, and thousands of homes have added solar panel systems to their properties to cut costs for electricity as well as to participate in the effort to “go green” with technology.

Solar cells have improved remarkably in the last ten years in terms of collection efficiency and performance under a variety of conditions. Also, as technology has improved, not only costs have diminished but bulk as well. It has now become feasible to add solar panels onto any rooftop without adding greatly to the weight load a roof’s framing members have to bear. And increasingly, awnings with solar panels have been added to commercial parking lots, providing shade for the cars at the same time as the solar awnings provide power for the building. In years to come, these solar awnings can be adapted with charging stations for electric cars. In many ways, our culture is on the edge of a new energy revolution.

Contractors who handle projects for solar engineering in Chattanooga TN will offer free consultation with a client for any proposed construction. Solar engineers will come out to the home or business site and examine the property for the best place to erect an array. They will recommend not only on the basis of the available space but orientation to the sun and which system is most compatible with existing electrical circuitry.

Clients will be presented with a complete feasibility study outlining cost, engineering requirements, recommended positioning for the installation, and electricity buyback options with the local power company. And, they handle all permitting requirements prior to the beginning of a project.

Contact us for more information and to begin the consultancy process. In a changing energy and climatological environment, it makes greater sense to adapt to the new technologies now coming online, and to engage qualified contractors for Solar Engineering in Chattanooga TN to modify your building or home.

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