Contact a Lawyer to See How They Can Help Provide Debt Relief in St. Charles, MO

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Credit is a powerful tool: when used wisely, people can get the things they need like homes and cars. However, it is easy to get into trouble with it. In many cases, a loss of employment or a medical issue can leave someone unable to make the payments. Working with a company that can offer debt relief in St. Charles, MO may provide the best options for getting out of debt or negotiating a lower settlement offer.

Law firms can help clients negotiate terms to pay down debt quicker and often at less than the original amount owed. A debt relief in St. Charles, MO could include filing for bankruptcy depending on the overall debt owed and the client’s ability to repay the negotiated amount. A lawyer can discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of taking this action. For some it may be the only way to get out of debt and still keep assets like their homes and cars. In some cases, an attorney can negotiate with creditors without a person having to file bankruptcy. Again, this is based on an individual’s ability to repay the debt within the three-to-five-year payoff period.

An attorney will discuss the options available to clients, so they can make an informed decision on how they wish to proceed. Working with a lawyer can give people a better advantage against creditors who are not wanting to negotiate a lower payment or reduce the amount owed. Having an attorney with the legal knowledge of debt laws can significantly improve the chances of a person getting a settlement offer that is workable.

Lawyers know what rules and regulations creditors have to abide by and can adequately redress the laws when companies do not comply. People are more likely to get a more favorable outcome when dealing with creditors when they hire a lawyer to handle the negotiations. While retaining a lawyer’s services can mean spending money on the front end, the amount a person saves, in the long run, is worth the expense.

The Law Offices of Steven K. Brown provide clients with debt relief in St. Charles, MO and the surrounding areas. They know that times can get tough for people and that debt can be an overwhelming issue to handle. To find out how they can help.

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