Contact a Professional for Bed Bug Control in Phoenix AZ

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


A used, but almost brand new sofa seems like a great deal until the person brings it home and realizes they have a bedbug infestation. The vacation was fun, relaxing, and the perfect getaway from work until the person realizes they brought home bed bugs from the hotel they stayed at. Though the number of bed bug infestations has declined because of better sanitation, it is on the rise again as many people don’t know how to protect themselves from these bugs.

Any furniture that’s used should be cleaned thoroughly and sanitized before it’s brought into the home. The homeowner should check it thoroughly for telltale signs of bed bugs. Often, tiny brown spots can be seen in areas that aren’t easily in view. Lift cushions and look around the edges to see if there are any bed bugs or signs of bed bugs before making the purchase.

When staying at a hotel, it’s possible to check the hotel before going to sleep. When the person arrives home, even if they didn’t see any bed bugs, they should clean all the clothes they brought home immediately to ensure a stray bed bug or two didn’t end up catching a ride in their suitcase. When possible, the suitcase and shoes should be cleaned as well. This should be done after a stay at any hotel, even the most expensive ones as they are not immune to an infestation.

If any bed bugs are found after purchasing furniture, staying at a hotel, or at any other time, the person isn’t going to want to try to handle it on their own. An infestation can quickly grow and should be handled by a professional. A company that handles bed bug control Phoenix AZ is going to be able to treat the home and help the homeowner ensure all of the bed bugs are eradicated.

Anyone who believes they have bed bugs should contact a professional for bed bug control in Phoenix AZ. Though there are ways a homeowner can protect their home, it’s not always easy to do. Instead of letting the infestation get worse, at the first sign of an infestation and get the help needed to completely eliminate any bed bugs.

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