Contacting A Service That Does Tree Removal in Weston CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


A tree that is located on a property in an area where a swimming pool, children’s swing set, or patio is desired, needs to be removed before an entertainment spot can be constructed. Most people will contact a professional to handle Tree Removal in Weston CT. Transplanting a tree to another location of the property is an idea to consider. Here are some points to keep in mind when relocation is desired.

Do The Job At The Right Time

Deciduous trees often go into shock if they are removed from the ground during a time when they are not dormant. Because of this, most tree removal services will hold off on relocating a tree until the fall or winter months of the year. This may hinder the timeline of the building of an entertainment area, so it is best to contact a tree service as soon as possible to ensure an appointment is available before construction is to begin.

Scout An Area For The Tree

It is important to place a tree in a spot similar to its current location. Soil test kits are beneficial in determining which area of ground on the property is best for a transplant. A tree service also knows necessary in finding a new spot for a tree. Contacting a service to evaluate the property before the tree is removed ensures it has a better chance of survival after it is moved.

Learn The Proper Care Tactics

Tree removal service employees have plenty of experience with all different types of trees, making them the best people to talk with about caring for trees after they are transplanted. These workers will provide recommendations regarding watering, feeding, and pruning a transplanted tree so it will thrive in its new environment.

When there is a desire to transplant a tree to a new area on a property, contacting a service that deals with Tree Removal in Weston CT is necessary. Visit the Website of Northeast Horticultural Services to find out more about this reputable business and the many services they have available to clients.

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