Container Recycling in New Braunfels, TX for Single-Stream Collection of Materials

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2019


As people place all of their recyclable items in one container, they might wonder how everything gets separated at the recycling center, if they give any thought to the process at all. Not that long ago, households were instructed to bag the various materials separately for sanitation workers to pick up. Rural households who bring their recycling and trash to a township center had to place materials in the appropriate containers. Now, combining everything is the norm for pick-up Container Recycling in New Braunfels TX.

Single-Stream Recycling

In the industry, this method is known as single-stream recycling. People might imagine workers separating various materials from the stream by hand, but manufacturers have invented ingenious techniques to have most of the work done automatically. Now, when a truckload of materials from Container Recycling in New Braunfels TX arrives, the process is relatively streamlined.

How It Works

Workers do inspect the load and in some instances may manually remove materials that should not be in the mix. Afterward, different devices on a conveyor line are able to remove corrugated cardboard, newspaper, and other paper. Vacuum technology is used to separate those lighter materials from the rest of the recyclables. Once that is done, containers made of glass, plastic and metal are left. Steel is taken out with a magnet, and the equipment then separates the materials that are left.

After the different materials have been separated and are packed for shipment, they are ready to be transported to manufacturers that need them. Businesses save a great deal of money when they can buy recycled products instead of having the extra expense of paying for new paper, plastic, glass, or metals.

Efficiency and Simplicity

Single-stream recycling began as an efficient method of managing materials at facilities, as well as making it easier for everyone to recycle. Even though recycling is common now, a great deal of recyclable material is still lost to landfills. Manufacturers hope that everyone will become accustomed to placing all recyclable materials in the appropriate containers provided by companies like Tiger Sanitation. Details on this particular company can be seen at Tiger Sanitation. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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