Contract Professional Interior Painting in Columbus

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2022


Companies such as JNG Painting & Decorating LLC offer the best interior painting in Columbus. You may have watched “How To” videos on the internet and feel you can easily paint a room successfully. However, over half of homeowners soon regret taking on such a large task. Painting takes a lot more work than just rolling a coat of paint onto the wall. One of the lengthiest parts of painting is the preparation work and the clean-up.

Prep Work Required

Before you can start painting, you must properly prepare the room. Do your walls have any holes or cracks? Is there old paint that is flaking? Will you need to remove and scrape old wallpaper? Any cracks and holes must be patched and sanded. You will also need to clean your walls so the paint properly sticks.

Once the walls are ready, you will also need to put painting tape around areas where you do not want paint to be splashed or affected. Drop cloths are a great way to protect the floors. It can take hours and even days to properly prepare a room for painting. A company providing interior painting in Columbus will do the prep work so you do not have to.


Once the painting crew is finished, they will clean up the dirtied prep work items such as drop cloths and remove the painting tape. They will reinstall the outlet and light switch covers and ensure your room is ready for furniture to be replaced. They will suggest you wait until the paint is completely dry before rearranging your room.

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