Conveyor Systems In Texas: Precision Pulley Offers Solutions

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Sep, 2019


Precision Pulley is an American company that was founded in 1977 and operates its headquarters out of Pella, Indiana. This company provides parts and components for conveyor systems all around the world, and it is the go-to brand for most industrial conveyor systems used across Texas.

Unlike some suppliers of conveyor system parts, Precision Pulley specializes in providing full conveyors for a range of different types of applications. They have specialized equipment and systems for the transport of hard rock, aggregate, and cement, as well as coal, all industries that are found throughout the state.

In addition, Precision Pulley also designs conveyors and provides parts for grain handling systems, which are also a large part of the agricultural sector in the state. Systems and parts from the company can also be found in the Texas timber processing facilities and sawmills, as well as in contract manufacturing plants and in shipping and warehouses.

Products Offered

In addition to complete systems that can be customized for a given industry and application, the company also sells a full range of different components. This includes idlers, take-up frames, pullies, and bearings. They also sell sanitary components for use in food and beverage production and in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Each of the products offered by Precision Pulley can be used with their own systems, and most can be integrated into other types of similar designs in conveyors.

As the name implies, the company provides an extensive range of different pulley options. There are some unique, custom designs in pulleys that are optimal for reducing slippage and also in lowering stress and deflection of the belt. Many of the designs are available with various options in bushing and hub systems for easy integration with other conveyor systems on the market.

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