Coordinating the Door with the Home

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Apr, 2019


When you think about the exterior doors of your home, you might think of something that provides security for your family along with something that features a few details that are pleasing to view. If you’re not sure what kind of wooden exterior doors to use with your home, there are a few trending ideas to consider.

Wood is a material that is easy to paint. It allows you to choose a color that coordinates with the other details that are found outside your home, such as flowers or the trim along the windows. One of the designs for wooden exterior doors is to use a color that contrasts against the rest of your home, such as blue or red against a brown background. Another colorful idea is to use a two-tone design. The outer edge of the door can be in a contrasting color to the main wooden door, such as white and teal.

You can easily add a variety of etchings in a wooden door. Consider some of the images or phrases that you enjoy, such as a favorite quote. Avoid getting too detailed with the designs that are etched into the door as you don’t want it to be too overwhelming. Wood is a material that allows you to easily add glass of all types as well. Stained glass is a beautiful feature to include with a wooden door, especially if you live in an area where the sun shines brightly against the front of your home.

When you begin making a final decision on the wood door for the exterior of your home, you need to think about its function along with the appearance. If you want to offer more protection instead of design features, then consider a thicker door with small windows so that you can see outside.

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