Cost-Effective and Highly Effective Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jun, 2020


Our line of aerosol-based fire suppression systems is well-suited to critical applications in many industrial contexts due to its quick response time, low-concentration fire-extinguishing capability, environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

Key Features

Our aerosol system comprises detection, a control panel and a group of aerosol generators. When activated, the aerosol generators create an ultra-fine and highly-effective aerosol with a potassium base. Since it doesn’t depend on piping, pressure vessels or the high installation costs involved in other systems, installation and maintenance of our aerosol system is cost-effective when compared to gaseous systems.

Cost Effectiveness

The interference between free radicals in a flame and super-fine aerosol particulates makes our system a quick and effective fire suppressant while using only 10% of the agent-volume required in other fire suppression methods. The result is a cost-effective application for multiple fire-hazard situations.

System Pricing per Model

The fire suppression system price for our aerosol-based solution, when shipped with a bracket and activation device in the Denver area, ranges from $145.00 for a smaller system with a 17.66-cubic-foot max coverage to $540 for our largest 572.1-cubic-foot system. The prices include a federally required $25 HAZMAT fee.

Rely on a Magnetic-Media-Products Specialist

When you’re looking for an affordable fire suppression system price, our 34 years of industry experience in magnetic-media-products manufacturing and distribution of peripheral equipment allow us to provide your data center, electrical cabinet or other interest with a cost-effective aerosol-based system that requires no floor area, is non-oxygen-depleting, environmentally safe and has as much as 10 times the effectiveness as other fire suppression products.

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