Create Beautiful Landscape Accents With River Rock in Austin, TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


Creating a relaxing and beautiful outdoor environment isn’t as simple as just mowing the lawn and throwing in a few plants; it requires careful thought, planning, and diverse materials. Many homeowners and landscaping contractors alike choose to incorporate river rock in Austin, TX when designing backyard landscapes, and with good reason. Below are just a few ideas for using river rock in outdoor landscaping projects.

Foot Paths

River rock is a fantastic material for creating a colorful and classic outdoor foot path. They can be placed loosely in whatever pattern is desired and kept in place with a wood or stone border, or they can be mortared down for a more secure walking path.

Garden Decor

Because river rock comes in a variety of colors, it can easily be used creatively to liven up a garden. Some homeowners even use it to make signs, statues, and other decorative structures. River rock can be particularly useful when creating edges for garden beds, as it discourages the intrusion of unwanted weeds.

Stacked Walls

Think about how boring it is looking at a concrete or even brick wall. Now, consider how much more interesting and unique the same wall would be if created using less homogeneous stones. What was otherwise simply a practical retaining wall or divider has now become a decorative facade.

Some homeowners choose to use river rock accents over top of an existing wall. This can be done by using mortar to hold the composed panels in place, allowing the creator to simply arrange them into the patterns they want.

Decorative Columns

By creating decorative columns using river stones, backyard landscape designers can add even more variety to their outdoor spaces. As with a rock wall, rock columns can easily be secured using a mortar and can be built to whatever height is desired. These columns can then be used to showcase prized plants and other decorations, or even to hold up a roof for just about any outdoor structure.

Find River Rock in Austin

The best source for river rock in Austin, TX is Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC. They carry a variety of high-quality stone and fill materials, and will be happy to special-order any decorative accent rocks that they do not currently have in stock.

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