Creating Order Out of Chaos: How the Right Approach to Home Organization Matters

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


It’s easy to fill up every nook and cranny in a home before the owner knows what’s happening. Over time, opening the hall closet can be dangerous. Even the bed is no longer level because of all the things crammed underneath. At that juncture, the best move is to hire a professional who can help with a little Home Organization in West Hartford CT. Here is what the professional can do to create order out of the chaos.

A Ruthless Approach to Closets

Tackling the closets is one of the first steps toward true Home Organization in West Hartford CT. Since the professional has no emotional investment in any of the contents of the closet, it’s easier to go through the contents and decide what stays and what goes. While the client still has the final say, the energy the professional brings to the task will soon result in three piles: one pile stays, one is donated, and the other is tossed in the trash.

As a closet is emptied and before anything goes back in, restructuring the interior matters. The professional may choose to add a second rod or shelf to make better use of the space. Doing so makes it easier to keep the closet organized and ensure the client can find what is needed without anything landing on the head.

Decluttering the Rooms

There’s no place to set down a glass of a cup of coffee because there are things all over the place. No surface is free of anything. A professional can help the client declutter the space. Some items will be discarded or given away. Others will be organized into collections that can be displayed on shelves. Once the clutter is gone, the professional may even reorganize the furniture to help the room seem larger and more inviting.

If the task of getting the house in order seems hopeless, it’s time to call in a professional. Contact The Functional Organizer today and arrange for a consultation. After taking a look at the home and talking with the client for a little while, it will be easy to create a plan of action and eliminate the need to walk through the rooms sideways.

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