Cremation Containers: How the Team at Dignity Funeral Services in San Antonio, TX Can Help

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


Now that the decision is made to go with cremation rather than burial, it pays to think about what type of container would be best. Since not everyone is aware of the options, it pays to sit down with a professional at Dignity Funeral Services in San Antonio TX and go over the merits of different kinds of cremation containers. Here are some examples of what the professional is likely to suggest based on what type of advance planning the client has chosen.

Containers for Shipping

When the plan is to have the ashes shipped to a loved one or delivered for scattering in a place that held a lot of meaning for the departed, it pays to select a container that is suitable for shipping. Containers of this type typically come with some type of plastic tray that can be sealed prior to being placed in an airtight shipping box. The box itself will be made from reinforced cardboard to ensure no holes or punctures take place during the shipment.

As part of the planning to ship the ashes and later scatter them in a special spot, consider discussing the merits of a scattering tube. Typically made of stainless steel, the tube design includes a top that screws on. When the time comes for the scattering ceremony, it’s easy to hold the tube, remove the cap, and distribute the ashes with care. If desired, the loved one taking care of the scattering can keep the tube in memory of the departed.

Cremation Urns

As a professional with Dignity Funeral Services in San Antonio TX will point out, cremation urns come in many different designs. They can be made of wood or metal. Always go with an urn that can be sealed tightly and is not likely to deteriorate in the years to come. This is especially important if a spouse has chosen a traditional burial instead of cremation and would like the urn to be placed in the coffin when the time comes.

It’s not enough to decide to be cremated. Take things one step further and decide what type of container would be best. Doing so will mean one less decision that grieving loved ones have to make.

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