Criminal Defense Lawyers in Auburn Will Protect Your Rights

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


It can be a very scary situation when you are arrested for a crime. When you are placed on the other side of the bars, the first call should be to criminal defense lawyers in Auburn. Early intervention by a criminal attorney could result in a more favorable outcome to a case. A crime can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, but both carry penalties that can include high fines and jail time. Felonies can have probation or parole attached to a conviction. A criminal attorney will fight for your rights and freedom.

Crimes that involve drug charges can have a variety of penalties, but many of them are very steep. When criminal defense lawyers in Auburn are contacted as quickly as possible, they can provide advice and possibly get the bail reduced, charges modified or dropped completely. They understand there can be extenuating circumstances to every situation that could lead to a more lenient sentence. Someone that’s in jail should not discuss their case with other prisoners, jail staff, or with friends or family on the telephone. Telephone calls are recorded and can be used against someone in court. Cellmates are always willing to reduce their sentences by providing information about another inmate.

A DUI is short for ‘driving under the influence’. Going to jail is not always inevitable after someone’s been arrested for a DUI. A skillful criminal attorney can provide the legal intervention someone needs to obtain a favorable plea deal or possible dismissal of the charges. Indiana laws do not provide for a reduction of DUI charges to a non-criminal offense. Repeat offenders will face stiffer penalties if they re-offend. Hiring an attorney should be the very first thing an individual does when they have been arrested.

When you have been charged with theft, assault, weapons, drug, fraud or sex crimes, don’t delay in contacting a criminal attorney for a consultation. The attorney will take the time to know you and will only provide you with sound legal advice to make the right decision. They will not rush you to take a plea deal if your case should be defended in court. Yoder & Kraus have more than 50 years of experience delivering outstanding defense to individuals accused of a crime. Give them a call today.

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