Crucial Signs to Look for in Foundation Damage to get Foundation Leveling in Houston TX

Posted By : alex , on Oct, 2014


Most people pay very little attention to the foundation of their home. Your home’s foundation helps to keep it secure and stable, so it provides your family with a safe structure. Unfortunately, the ground under your foundation may begin to settle overtime. This especially occurs when water begins to build up around your foundation and cause the ground to cave in. There are signs that can alert you of the damage to your home’s foundation. When you notice these signs, it is imperative you call for Foundation Leveling in Houston TX as soon as possible. This will allow your foundation to be properly leveled and repaired, so you can avoid further damage.

1. Stair step cracking around the mortar joints on any bricks inside or outside of your home can be a big sign of concern. Bricks are typically difficult to damage. If your bricks are showing signs of damage in the mortar joints, this means your foundation is probably settling and needs to be taken care of. If you ignore these signs, the damage will continue and you could end up having major damage to your home.
2. There are signs many homeowner’s experience, but ignore. They often attribute these signs to other problems. If you notice your doors and windows are difficult to open or close, this could be a sign of foundation issues. When your foundation shifts or sinks, your window frames and door frames may become damaged.
3. You may also notice there are cracks in the corners of your windows and doors. These cracks will typically run diagonally or horizontally. Do not attempt to spackle over these and think the damage is corrected. Instead, have your foundation checked for any problems.
4. Finally, you may also notice cracks in the cement slab of your foundation. These should never be ignored, no matter how small the cracks. Make sure you contact the professionals for Foundation Leveling in Houston TX.

If you need to learn more about these services, click for additional resources. Visit and learn how they can help you repair your foundation and keep it stable and secure. Through these services, your home will no longer be in danger of damage.

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