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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2021


Screen vs Digital Printing – What You Need To Know

There’s a definite boom in the demand for made-to-order apparel. People are going beyond iron-on, at-home decals and opting for custom printed apparel ordered from sites like Breaking Chains for a more professional feel. But what’s the difference between these types of printing, and how do you know what kind of printing works for you?

Screen Printing
This is the older of the two printing methods, usually favored for bright colors and a comfortable, versatile wear. In screen printing, a stencil of thin mesh or silk is made of one color of the design. A thick, paint-like ink is then applied through the stencil onto the garment, and it is allowed to dry. For more colors, more stencils are made and the process is repeated. The result is time consuming, works best for simple designs with only a few colors, but the image is vivid even on the darkest of fabrics.

Digital Printing
Also occasionally called Direct to Garment or DTG printing, this method allows a complex design to be added to clothing in one step. Much like a traditional paper printer, the ink is added directly to the garment all at once. This saves a considerable amount of time, since there’s no need to wait between layers of color. But, because the ink soaks into the fabric instead of sitting on top like the kind used in screen printing, the images are better suited to light fabrics and the colors will not be as intense.

Thankfully, there are more options for made-to-order custom apparel in Southern California than ever before. No matter what your requirement is, a custom apparel website can help you get it done.

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