Defining the Basic Requirements with Disability Attorneys in Tulsa, OK

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


In Oklahoma, individuals with disabilities are eligible for social security disability benefits. They can start the process for acquiring these benefits by filing an application that requires them to provide specific information about their condition. These details begin with the date in which the disability was discovered. The following are the basic requirements that disability attorneys in Tulsa, OK can define more thoroughly.

Physical or Mental Disability

Disability benefits are available to individuals with physical or mental disabilities. Conditions of this kind must present the individuals with symptoms that hinder their everyday life. They must render the individual into an incapacitated state in which they cannot perform tasks consistently to hold down a job. Among the conditions that warrant the need for social security benefits include, but are not limited to, manic depression, multiple sclerosis, and select developmental conditions.

Inability to Work

The applicant must be incapable of working in any industry. This requirement isn’t limited to the industry in which the disabled individual worked previously. If they have the ability to work in a different industry with their current condition, they will not qualify for social security benefits.

Income Restrictions for Disability Benefits

Applicants who are hoping to receive supplement security income must meet certain income restrictions. If the applicant is a minor, their parents must provide information about their income. If the applicant is an adult, they must provide information about anyone who lives in their household and contributes to household expenses.

Medical Evidence to Support the Claim

The applicant needs viable medical evidence to support their claim. They need medical records from the date in which the condition was diagnosed until the present. These records must define the condition and how it affects the applicant’s ability to work.

In Oklahoma, social security disability benefits are available to disabled individuals who qualify. Applicants begin the process by submitting an application to their regional disability office. The application is reviewed and the applicant is notified for any required appointments. Disabled individuals who need to speak to disability attorneys in Tulsa, OK about their case can visit for more details now.

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