Details About Root Canal Therapy In Camas, WA

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In Washington, dental professionals perform surgical procedures to correct damaged teeth and avoid the need for extractions. A root canal is among the most common procedures that correct damage. The procedure is often painful, but it is effective. Reviewing details about Root Canal Therapy in Camas WA helps patients decide if it is right for them.

Teeth that are Severely Damaged

Dental professionals use root canal surgeries to treat teeth that are severely damaged. Typically, the procedure is the last-ditch effort to save the tooth. In most cases, the damaged tooth is causing the patient significant pain. The treatment is vital for teeth that are in the front of the mouth and visible to others.

Performing the Root Canal

The dental professional drills into the tooth and opens it after the patient’s mouth is numb. Next, the tooth pulp and nerve are removed from the inside of the tooth. The tooth is cleaned out, and all debris is removed from the mouth. Next, the dentist injects a composite resin into the tooth. The tooth is sealed completely, and an ultraviolet lamp is used to cure the resin. Some dental professionals may install a crown over the repair for added protection.

Post Treatment Requirements

The patient is advised to avoid eating hard substances after the procedure. Some dental professionals may suggest a liquid diet for at least the first day after the procedure. Acidic foods and beverages could produce tooth damage. Patients should avoid those foods and beverages if possible.

When to Contact the Dentist

Patients will receive pain medications after the procedures if they experience any discomfort. Any signs of infection require immediate attention from the dental professional. The patient will need to inform the dentist of the infection, and antibiotics are prescribed.

In Washington, dental professionals offer surgical procedures to correct damage and replace missing teeth. Each procedure presents benefits and risks that are discussed during a consultation. Most surgical treatments are covered under major dental insurance policies. Any corrective or preventative treatment is covered more fully than elective options. Patients who want to schedule Root Canal Therapy in Camas WA can contact Lewis Family Dentistry for an appointment today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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