Diagnosing by a Tree Arborist in St. Augustine, FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2019


Put simply, a tree arborist is a tree doctor who cultivates and manages not only trees but also shrubs, vines, and perennial woody plants. Different from a forester or a logger, a tree arborist takes care of individual trees on personal or public property instead of within deep forests. The actual specifics of an arborist’s job vary but focus around keeping trees as healthy as possible.

Staying Alive

There are thousands of species of trees and other shrubbery and it takes a professional to diagnose what disease a tree may have. A tree arborist not only has extensive knowledge to diagnose the sick tree but has field training in getting the information required to diagnose. Sometimes it is necessary to climb high up in a tree by machine, mechanical device, or even by hand to get a better look. When in an urban area, the tree arborist also knows how to get around power lines and can guide others to navigate around the power lines. Personal safety is learned first so that the arborist can help the trees next.

LongTerm Work

A tree arborist may sometimes have to study the local ecology to better understand what may be affecting an individual tree or to plan construction changes that will minimize damage to the environment. Local arborists will usually keep an eye on multiple areas to be able to better assess and more quickly act when diseases start to rise. Arborists are also sometimes asked to give legal reports when trees fall and plan where a sampling will thrive. All of this work is done by an arborist to give tree life its best chance.

There is a tree arborist in St. Augustine, FL that can fulfill many of these needs. If you check out Treemedicinc.com, you can find information on tree services and local tree arborists. Follow the instructions of a tree arborist carefully and you can be a part of keeping the world green.

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