Diesel Engine Powered Cars Are Here To Stay

Posted By : Alex , on Oct, 2015


American car buyers are looking for what Europeans have had for a number of years, cars that are highly efficient and long lasting. The US market is now seeing the benefits to buying diesel powered automobiles.

In the not too distant past you certainly know when a diesel powered car was in the area, you could hear and smell it a block away, not only were they noisy and smelly, they did not perform anywhere near as well as a gasoline powered car. Back then diesels in the US were mostly used in big “highway haulers,” not near as many diesel engine automobiles were in service. Today, this has changed and changed for the better.

Thanks to VW and their Passat TDI diesel, cars with diesel engines are now here to stay; they are quick and efficient, give great fuel mileage and no longer do they stream out black smoke and sound like a piece of farm equipment.

Eliminating an assault on your senses is only one advantage, there are many more. Diesel fuel is a far more efficient burning fuel than gasoline, it burns hotter so more of it is converted into useful energy, the TDI diesel is about 30 percent more efficient than a gasoline powered engine. VWs that are built with TDI engines offer the buyer impressive economy, this engine can take the Passat 40 miles or more on the open road and not much less than that in the city.

Year’s back owners of diesel engine cars had to worry about where they would get fuel, rarely was it available anywhere other than truck stops out on the expressway. Today, every modern station offers diesel right alongside gasoline.

As an automobile manufacturer that is ahead of the curve, VW know that they had to design the engine to run cleaner to appeal to US buyers. TDI diesel technology along with redesigned transmissions, filters and exhaust system components accomplished what they set out to do; today, a Passat TDI diesel is quiet and clean.

There is no hiding the fact that a diesel engine vehicle is more expensive to buy than one which runs on gasoline. With the much better mileage and a fuel that no longer costs more at the pump it does not take long to recoup this higher cost, not only that, when you trade your Passat TDI diesel for a new one in a few years you will find the resale value to be considerably higher.

The VW Passat TDI diesel is an ideal car for someone who is looking for a long lasting, easy to maintain, inexpensive car to operate. Stop by Business name to learn more.

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