Direct Mailing Services Maximize the Potential of Your Business

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Nov, 2014


How easy is it to run a direct mailing campaign? It depends on how much help you have. These days you need to have some sort of direct mail component to your advertising to keep your company fresh in your customers’ minds, but it’s not enough to randomly send out flyers. You need targeted, integrated mailings as part of a direct mail marketing campaign. The best way to do this is with some expert help from a company that offers direct mailing services.

The Value of Direct Mail
Direct mail not only takes your message into someone’s home—it often keeps it there. When a cute ad flashes across your computer screen, you may not remember it more than 5 minutes later. If an ad comes on television, it’s often forgotten by the time you see a person you could tell about it. A printed piece of literature, however, might be handed to a friend, saved for when you’re ready to make a purchase, or just left laying around where anyone in your home may see it and read it.

The Scope of Your Mailings
The centerpiece of any direct mail campaign is the catalog. Whether you’re sending a once-a-year, all-inclusive 800 page catalog or just a seasonal catalog showing your top sales items, this is the tool that will best familiarize your customers with what you have to offer. Good direct mailing services can help you to produce a catalog that looks professional and pleasing to the eye so that it does not go straight to the recycling bin.

Beyond the catalog, your direct mail campaign may include brochures, sale flyers, coupons, self-mailers and postcards. Your mailings may integrate with your online marketing, giving people a chance to share their email address in exchange for a gift or sweepstakes entry or encouraging people to view your website for pricing and information.

Targeting Your Mailings
Sending a catalog to every household in a city is expensive, and if you serve multiple cities (or even states), the cost is prohibitive. Direct mailing services can help you acquire mailing lists of customers who have reason to be interested in your product or service. They can also help you maintain those lists, removing the dead end leads so that your investment in mailing is putting your literature in the hands of people who will actually read it.

Here is an article on how a direct mailing service can benefit your business.

A direct mailing service can be a valuable partner in helping you to communicate with your customers, and arandell is one company that can help you to improve that communication.

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