Directions For Concrete Repair And Basement Waterproofing In Portland OR

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Concrete basements can become damaged if they are exposed to moisture for extended lengths of time. If water seeps through small cracks in concrete walls, the following Waterproofing in Portland OR instructions can be completed to repair the affected areas. Afterward, a couple coats of waterproofing sealant need to be applied to repaired walls to protect them from additional damage.


• shop vacuum cleaner

• concrete cleaning agent

• water

• bucket

• mixing stick

• sponge

• deck brush

• concrete patch

• caulk gun

• putty knife

• sandpaper

• hand sander

• painter’s tape

• weighted drop cloths

• clear waterproofing agent

• shallow tray

• thick-napped roller

• frame and extension handle

Collecting Loose Pieces Of Debris And Removing Stains

A shop vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment can be used to collect small pieces of dust or concrete that are stuck inside of cracks. A cleaning solution needs to be prepared by adding a small amount of a concrete cleaning agent to a bucket of warm water. After stirring the contents in a bucket for several seconds, a sponge or deck brush can be used to administer a cleaning solution. After surface stains have been eliminated, plain water should be applied to interior walls with a clean sponge or brush.

Patching Cracks And Applying A Waterproofing Agent

A caulk gun can be used to fill cracks with patch. Patch needs to be flattened by moving one side of a putty knife firmly across repaired areas. After patch has hardened, the surface of each repaired area may need to be sanded if they aren’t as smooth as the concrete that surround each spot. A hand sander that has a piece of fine grit sandpaper secured to it can be moved briskly back and forth over patched concrete. A vacuum cleaner hose can be used to eliminate sanding residue from walls.

After securing strips of painter’s tape over electrical outlets, hardware and trim that are near walls, weighted drop cloths should be laid across a basement’s floor. A thick-napped roller can be used to apply a clear waterproofing agent to each concrete wall. After the agent has dried, a second coat of the product should be applied in the same manner.

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