Disabled and Unable to Work? Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Missouri

Posted By : alex , on Mar, 2021


It’s scary for a person to learn that they have a long-term illness that can’t be cured. It becomes a terrifying experience when the person learns that they won’t be able to return to work. Medical bills start to pile up and daily living expenses can no longer be paid for. Most Americans are astounded to learn that there are no government programs to help them immediately. Eventually, the Social Security disability program might help them, however, they are expected to pay all of their expenses for the first twelve months. The only exception to this rule is if the person is expected to die within a year.

The Social Security disability application is complicated and the review process is complex. Many disabled people fill out the application themselves and expect to be approved. However, many applications are denied. Hiring a Social Security disability lawyer in Missouri increases the odds that the application will be approved the first time it is reviewed. The lawyer is familiar with the application and how the Social Security staff reviews it.

Many disabled people focus on proving their illness or physical limitation is real. However, there are people with disabilities who can work. The Social Security disability application wants them to demonstrate that they no longer have the ability to do their job. The application requires that they list all of the tasks that they are required to do. They also have to list all of the equipment that it’s necessary for them to use. Applicants must also specify how many hours a day they are required to sit or stand. If the employer has tried to accommodate the disability, the Social Security disability lawyer in Missouri will include this information.

Applicants for the Social Security disability program can learn how a lawyer can help them. The initial consultation is free and they won’t have to pay legal fees unless they receive their benefits. Many sick or injured people don’t have the stamina to deal with the large Social Security administration. A lawyer will fill out the paperwork and ensure that it is delivered to the proper office. They will then answer any questions that the staff might have concerning it.

The experienced Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri at Grundy Disability Group LLC can help you with your disability claims. For more information, visit their website today or contact them at (816) 415-4560.

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