Discounts On Auto Insurance In South Austin, TX For Teen Drivers

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


In Texas, auto liability coverage is required for all auto owners. The state mandate could present high costs for parents of teen drivers. However, discounts are available to teen drivers based on certain achievements and accomplishments. A local insurance provider offers details about discounts on Auto Insurance in South Austin TX for teen drivers.

Higher Than Average Grade Point Averages

Teen drivers who achieve higher than average grade point averages acquire further discounts on their auto insurance coverage. The higher the grade point average, the greater the discount for the teen. In fact, teens who are at the top of their class receive the highest discounts on their auto insurance.

Following All Traffic Laws and Avoiding Accidents

The teen drivers must obey all traffic laws to lower the risk of citations. Teens must obey driving curfews and must limit the number of passengers according to the law. By following the traffic laws, the teens won’t see increases in their insurance premiums.

Completing Driver’s Education in High School

Teen drivers could receive discounts if they complete and pass a high school-based driver’s education program with higher grades. All teen drivers who pass the course have the chance to avoid a road test. However, if they achieve higher than average grades for the course, it is possible to receive greater discounts on their auto coverage.

Choosing an Older Vehicle

Another trick that parents can do to lower the high cost of auto liability insurance coverage. The premiums paid for the auto insurance policies are based on the make and model of the vehicle. If the teen drivers have an older vehicle, the premiums are more affordable. If the parents avoid buying sports models, the premiums are significantly lower for teen drivers.

In Texas, auto liability coverage provides assistance when an auto owner is involved in an accident. The coverage is available if the policyholder is at fault for the accident. The policies provide a predetermined value according to the total number of victims involved in the accident. The insurance provides funds to pay for medical expenses and auto repair needs. Auto owners who need to purchase Auto Insurance in South Austin TX contact Patrick Court at State Farm right now.

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