Discussing The Procedure With An Implant Dentist In Chicago

by | Feb 13, 2021 | Dentist


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In Illinois, patients evaluate possible replacement options for missing teeth. Popular choices provide these patients with more long-term replacements. Among them are dental implants. A local Implant Dentist in Chicago performs these procedures for patients right now.

Before Patients Get Dental Implants

The dentist performs an assessment of the jawbone before they schedule the procedure. The strength of the jawbone determines if the patient must undergo additional procedures. If the jawbone isn’t strong enough, the dentist performs bone grafts. These grafts provide adequate support for the dental implants. The volume of bone grafts depends on what is needed to provide adequate security for these implants.

The Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant procedure starts with the installation of the titanium root. The root is installed directly into the jawbone through the tooth socket. This provides a more natural appearance and functionality of the tooth. This step requires a recovery period of at least six weeks to heal properly.

Next, the implant tooth is installed. It is connected to the titanium root via an abutment. Select dentists may use an adhesive to secure the implant tooth more effectively. They evaluate the installation to ensure that it fits properly

Factors that Affect the Devices

The most common factors that affect these devices are smoking, existing medical conditions, and the risk for periodontal disease. The dentist must monitor the implant to reduce the potential for damage to the dental implant. They may perform repairs or replacement if the dental implant becomes damaged.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental implant procedures are considered cosmetic. For this reason, dental insurance may restrict the volume of coverage. However, if the procedure is deemed medically necessary, the insurer may provide additional coverage. The dentist provides patients with information about their coverage prior to scheduling the procedure.

In Illinois, patients review all replacement options for restoring their smile. The most appealing option is a dental implant procedure. The implants are more natural-looking than dentures and won’t slip out of the patient’s mouth. Patients who wish to schedule an appointment with an Implant Dentist in Chicago should visit Chicago Dental Arts today.

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