Do You Need a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Cherry Hill, NJ?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2017


In New Jersey, a statute of limitations has been set for filing dog bite claims. Therefore, if you have been bitten by a vicious dog and believe that you have a case, you have two years in which to make this type of personal injury claim.

What the Dog Bite Law States in New Jersey

In New Jersey, a dog’s owner is held liable for dog bite injuries that happen when a victim is bitten in a public place or on private property. The law also considers prior indications that a dog was vicious or that an owner had knowledge of any prior viciousness.

The statute in New Jersey only covers injuries related to dog bites. Other injuries that are caused by dogs are not included in the legislation. So, keep this in mind if you are planning on making a claim. You can find out more details about this type of case by visiting such websites as Schatz & Steinberg, P.C. online.

Therefore, when you consult with a dog bite injury lawyer in Cherry Hill, NJ, he or she will help you file your case based on the aforementioned criteria. That way, you can see the best possible outcome for your particular lawsuit.

Strict Liability

New Jersey’s statute for dog bites is considered a strict liability statute. Therefore, the biting dog’s owner is held accountable for injuries that come about from the dog bite even if the owner tried to use reasonable care to keep the dog from the injured party. That makes it fairer for you if you consult with a dog bite injury lawyer. It also makes it easier for a lawyer to help you settle your case.

One good thing about making an appointment with a dog bite injury lawyer is the fact you do not owe any money until a case is settled. You do not have to pay any money if you do not win your case either. So, as far as charges, this is the most affordable way to use an attorney’s services.

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