Do You Need the Help of a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Norwich CT?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


Bicycle riders have the same rights to be on the road as other drivers. Unfortunately, motorists do not always realize these rights and they do not look out for bicyclers or pedestrians. When a bicycle rider collides with a vehicle, the result can be serious injuries and damages that are difficult to overcome. With the following information, injured bike riders can learn some reasons why they should get legal help from a bicycle accident lawyer in Norwich, CT.

Reasons for Hiring a Lawyer

When any type of accident occurs due to negligence, the injured party has the right to hold the responsible one accountable. A person who causes an accident with a bicycle rider needs to be held accountable for the injuries and damages they have caused. There are a few different reasons why injured bike riders should seek help from the bicycle accident lawyer in Norwich, CT.

  • Being the victim of a serious accident often leaves behind major injuries. Sometimes, broken bones and other problems develop into a permanent disability that negatively affects the victim for the rest of their lives. When a lawyer is hired, the lawyer becomes the advocate for their injured client and will work to make sure they receive the medical care and other services they have a right to receive.
  • Many people are not aware of their rights as an injured victim and do not have a sound understanding of the laws that govern personal injuries. When someone is ignorant of their rights or the law, they can learn integral information by hiring a lawyer to help them. With the help of a lawyer, the injured party’s rights can be fully protected.
  • Another reason for hiring a personal injury lawyer after a bike accident is getting help with the negotiations with the insurance company. Dealing with the insurance company alone can be stressful for injured victims. Often, the insurance adjuster will work to settle for as little as possible when a lawyer is not involved. The lawyer will hold the insurance adjuster and the responsible driver accountable.

Learn More Today

If you would like to learn more about how a lawyer can help you with your bike accident, click here. Contact Law Firm of Stephen M. Reck right away to schedule an appointment.

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