Do You Need Water Main Line Repair in Charleston, SC?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2019


Due to how much everyone relies on water, a problem with the main pipe that brings water to a home can cause a major hassle. Getting a drink of water, taking a shower, and other daily tasks will be interrupted. When water main line repair in Falls Church, VA, is needed, turn to professional plumbers who will be able to quickly fix whatever is causing the trouble. Here are some of the most common causes of water line problems.

Older Pipes

Over time, pipes will begin to wear due to normal use. In new homes, this is unlikely to be an issue since pipes that are well-made and properly installed should last for a long time. But, in older homes, a pipe might begin to have trouble. This could cause water to become discolored or for the water pressure to drop. If water is leaking, homeowners might start noticing a damp place in the yard that doesn’t go away even when there has not been any recent rain.

Dealing with Clogs

Another issue that can arise with a water line is a clog of some sort. Usually, this is due to minerals in the water that may build up over time in a pipe and cause it to stop functioning properly. A clog of this kind is more likely in older homes where years of slow mineral buildup eventually is revealed by something going wrong with a home’s water.

External Factors

Pipes can also have problems that are caused by something outside of them. As tree roots spread through the soil, they exert a lot of pressure. If a tree root encounters a pipe while it is growing, it could potentially damage the pipe. The soil that is around a pipe can also shift for various reasons, including the ground freezing in the winter and thawing during warmer weather. Another common way that a pipe may be damaged is when digging is going on nearby, and a shovel or other object strikes the pipe, making a hole in it that lets water leak out.

To get fast water main line repair in Falls Church, VA, for these or any other problems, contact All Plumbing, Inc. Parts & Services. Soon the pipe will be fixed, and water use will be restored to the home.

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