Does Your Child Need to See an Eye Doctor in Brookline, MA?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2017


It is certainly very common to see adults wearing glasses to correct a range of vision problems, including but not limited to astigmatism, short sight, and farsightedness. Of course, the fact is that children may also suffer from vision problems and require glasses but the challenge is to see the signs and symptoms of poor vision.

When Does Your Child Need to See a Specialist?

It is certainly not uncommon for adults to book appointments with the local eye doctor, but what signs might there be that a child needs to see a specialist in this field? Consider the following as indications that you might need to book an appointment with an eye doctor in Brookline, MA for your child:

  • Squinting: Frowning and squinting when trying to read things such as restaurant menus and blackboards might be the most obvious sign that there is a vision problem in a child.
  • Headaches and Tiredness: All of the squinting and eye strain can cause headaches, migraines, and exhaustion in children as they struggle to focus.
  • Rubbing Eyes: If your child rubs his or her eyes on a regular basis or even has bloodshot eyes, it could mean that he or she is suffering from tired eyes and eye strain. This may be an indication that you need to book an appointment with a specialist eye doctor.

Solving Your Child’s Vision Problem

One of the biggest challenges for parents of a child who may be suffering from a common vision problem is noticing and interpreting the signs and symptoms. Children simply do not have the experience or vocabulary to explain these kinds of issues. This is why it is important to visit and book an appointment with a specialist if your child is displaying any of the issues listed above.

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