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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


When someone has a home that suffers from excessive humidity inside of the basement, is likely they will want to take steps in eliminating this problem. Humidity can lead to damage to the structure and personal items if it is not remedied properly. Most people will call a Residential Waterproofing Company in Fairfax VA for assistance. Here are some steps that will aid in drying out a basement, so humidity does not cause havoc to the basement level of a home.

Use A Few Tools To Remove Humidity

A dehumidifying unit can be set up in each room of a home suffering from excessive moisture. This electric unit will remove water from the air, leaving it in a dryer state. Dissidents can also be positioned around affected areas. These should be swapped with new ones every few days to keep air in the best of quality.

Add A Vapor Barrier To Walls

Vapor barriers will block moisture from getting inside of a home through walls or the foundation level. The drywall in affected rooms will need to be removed and plastic sheeting will be secured to beams. New drywall can then be installed. Moisture will remain on the exterior side of the vapor barrier sheets, protecting the interior of the home. Pests will also remain on the other side of these helpful tools.

Treat Cracks In The Foundation

If the foundation of the home has any cracks present, it is likely moisture is making its way through them to the inside of the house. These cracks can be properly sealed by a professional. They will have an adhesive available to push into any voids and will spread it over the cracked area to provide a barrier against moisture.

Keep A Pump In The Basement

A basement pump can be installed to remove moisture from the lowest level in the home when necessary. A professional will determine which portion of the flooring is at the lowest point and will place the pump in this area so moisture can be redirected outdoors when needed.

When there is a concern about humidity in a basement, calling a residential waterproofing company in Fairfax VA is best. Check out to find out more today.

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