Don’t Forget About Heating Services During Summer Months

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Industry experts virtually all agree preventative maintenance is the best option to prevent heating system failures. That means it pays to have heating professionals provide maintenance services to all heating appliances well before they’re actually needed. In many cases, Heating Services will simply recommend maintaining the existing system to ensure it will function properly when it’s needed again in the fall. However, there will be times when heating and cooling experts will recommend upgrading an aging or inefficient system.

Older Units Tend to Be Inefficient

When energy was inexpensive, contractors selected heating and cooling appliances based more on cost than efficiency. That was fine then, but today’s higher energy prices typically mean homeowners need to explore options to reduce energy consumption and minimize utility expenses. While the weather in the Punta Gorda area never really gets too cold, there are plenty of days when a little heat is needed to keep a home comfortable. Taking steps now to minimize costs and ensure units will function properly simply makes good economic sense.

Sizing is Important

Another commonly seen issue with older heating and air conditioning systems is sizing. In the past, some heating and cooling companies subscribed to the theory that bigger was better and installed units actually designed for much larger homes. That resulted in inefficient cooling and tended to cost more both in utility fees and maintenance. In other cases, homeowners have added square footage without updating existing heating and cooling systems, meaning those systems strain to meet the homes’ needs. It’s important to ensure the unit being used meets the home’s real requirements and keeps operating costs low.

Explore Your Options Now

Now is a great time to contact area Heating Services to evaluate your home’s current and future needs. Area experts like are great resources for homeowners needing routine maintenance or wanting to explore their options for upgrading to new, energy-efficient systems. If your system is dated or seems to be costing too much to operate, contact an expert today for advice. Taking care of heating needs during the hot summer months means your heating system will be ready when you need it. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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