Don’t Forget the Elevator When Renovating

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Investors, developers, and business owners will often purchase vacant buildings and renovate them to serve new purposes. Old factories become luxury condominiums, long-abandoned mills become shopping malls, and outdated town halls are converted into apartments, offices, or restaurants. Renovating is typically less expensive than paying for new construction, and the architecture is attractive to potential renters. An interior designer, general contractor, and an engineer are consulted to give the interior a brand new look. Walls are knocked down, new ones created, and space is allocated differently. That scale of renovation is an enormous undertaking.

One area sometimes overlooked is the interior of the elevators. People pass through new entrances, view new lobbies, and are eager to see what is offered in the new living, working, or shopping spaces. The “wow” factor is then interrupted as they step into a dingy and stuffy elevator. Some companies that provide, repair, and install elevators, such as Elevator Technologies Inc in Washington DC, will also renovate, modernize, and clean interiors. If the elevator is in excellent condition, a deep cleaning of the cab may be all that is required. An old elevator will require a bit more attention. It may need to have operating controls reconfigured to suit the needs. A more powerful motor may be needed to safely handle the increase in daily usage.

The interior can also be customized to match the style and decor of the building. Paneling, for example, can be placed inside to present a professional image for an office building. Fabrics that complement the rugs and colors of the entrance can be installed in the elevators to create a warm and welcoming impression. Handrails around the sides can be added, or taken out, to make the space seem smaller or bigger, depending on the needs. Making an elevator appear smaller will result in fewer people crowding into it. That can mean the current elevators will last longer before needing to be fitted with larger motors & replaced entirely.

The experienced technicians at Elevator Technology Inc in Washington DC will assess the current elevators, determine if they are adequate and safe, and offer recommendations for renovations or modernization. While a renovation project is in the beginning stages, go to for details on assessments and available improvements.

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