Don’t Forget to Find a Dog Walker and a Boarder for Your New York Pup

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2023


You have finally brought home your new puppy. Whether it’s a baby that just left its mother or a rescue that’s still a pup at heart, you’ve probably been shopping for supplies. You made sure you got him a bowl, food, and toys. You may have even splurged on a doggie bed and matching pajamas, but did you think about finding a dog walker and dog boarding in NYC? Both are essential for a happy pet.

The Best Dog Walker

You need a dog walker if you work outside the home. Between your eight-hour shift and the commute both ways, your pup will be left alone for a long time. They need to go outside to relieve themselves several times throughout the day, and they’ll need human companionship just as much. Solve both problems by hiring a reliable dog walker in NYC. Look for someone who enjoys animals and gets along well with yours.

Excellent Boarding Facilities

Your life won’t be put on hold because you got a dog. You may still have to go on business trips, and you’ll definitely want to enjoy vacations away. If you find reliable dog boarding in NYC that you and your dog love, you’ll be able to leave home without worrying about your pooch.

Don’t put off finding a dog boarding facility or a dog walker in NYC. These professionals will make your life easier and keep your new best friend happy. Visit New York Tails to learn more.

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