Don’t Let Foundation Crack Repair In Fairfax, VA Go Too Long

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2019


A small crack may seem like nothing at first. Over time, the crack will continue to grow and allow water to seep into the area. A wall can bow and mold can develop. Foundation crack repair in Fairfax VA should be performed as quickly as possible after a problem has been identified. A trained technician can determine the cause of the crack and provide solutions to correct the problem. A crack will not go away on its own, and improper repair can lead to extensive damage to a home.

Causes Of Cracks

The main cause of cracks in a foundation is hydrostatic pressure against the wall or floor. The pressure can be created by faulty French drains, leaking pipes under a slab, improper grading, poor soil, and excessive rainfall. A faulty gutter can add to the pressure on the basement wall or slab.

Homeowner Fixes

A homeowner can perform a few easy checks around their home. Keeping the gutters clean and making sure the downspout water travels at least six to eight feet from the foundation is important. If the grade slopes towards the house, this could be contributing to the problem. A homeowner might notice a large defect in the grade, but a company that performs foundation crack repair in Fairfax VA will be able to make an accurate determination of the problem and provide possible solutions.

Tree roots frequently cause damage to underground pipes and home foundations. Experts do not recommend planting trees close to a home to reduce the chances of root issues developing.

Signs There’s A Problem With The Foundation

In addition to seeing a crack in the foundation, doors and windows will not open or close properly. Trim around the doors and windows might pop off the wall. The trim could also look misaligned. The floors in a home will be uneven.

There are a lot of solutions an experienced basement waterproofing company can provide to repair and stabilize a foundation. They can rebuild the foundation, install push piers or a structural steel beam or much more. Don’t wait until the damage gets worse. Visit and learn more about the solutions to your water and foundation problems.

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