Don’t Pass on Consulting a Reverse Mortgage Expert

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


If you are considering applying for a reverse mortgage, you should talk to an expert before making a final decision. The market for reverse mortgages can be difficult to navigate and filled with difficult-to-understand terminology and language. An expert can help make sure that you are spending your money the best way for you.

Who Are the Experts?

Counselors from an independent, government-approved housing counseling agency or lenders selling the Housing Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) are the experts with whom you should consult. These counselors have been trained and accredited by the federal government on how to navigate the information in this market and relate it to different scenarios. Lenders selling the Housing Equity Conversion Mortgage are also a source of information and assistance, as this specific loan is regulated and backed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

What Will the Experts Do?

An expert will help you go through all of the options that could benefit you. The reverse mortgage industry is large and can be complicated. There are three different reverse mortgages you can apply for, for example. And there are more than five ways you can pay for them. A reverse mortgage expert will help you navigate through this information and assist you in determining what the best options are for you. But most importantly, a reverse mortgage expert will make you feel comfortable, and help you understand the market without making you feel pressured.

Who Aren’t the Experts?

Be cautious of salespeople and companies pushing “too good to be true” claims. If a salesperson believes that a reverse mortgage is a solution to all of your problems, has an idea of how you should spend the money from a reverse mortgage loan, or pushes you to take the loan, you likely shouldn’t trust them. Some salespeople may also try to rush you through the process and make an impulsive. In any of these situations, check with a counselor or someone you trust before proceeding with these types of salespeople.

Shopping for a reverse mortgage loan can be difficult, especially when the person ultimately responsible for the decision is you. Take care of these types of products and consult with someone you trust. There are many things to consider in order to find the best option for you, and a reverse mortgage expert can make that process much easier on both you and your loved ones.

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