Don’t Risk Prison: Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney In Ferndale WA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Some people don’t take criminal charges seriously enough. If they are charged with a minor crime, they might think that they don’t need a Criminal Defence Attorney in Ferndale WA. After all, what are the chances of a first-time offender being incarcerated for a minor crime? Although the chances are pretty slim, there still is the possibility that incarceration can occur. Even if a person is only jailed for a week, they might find themselves unemployed when they are released. How does a person explain being incarcerated for a week to their employer? What if the jail term is even longer?

Things can go bad rather quickly if a criminal defendant doesn’t hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Ferndale WA. People who know just how difficult things can get will contact The Law Offices of Michael K. Tasker or another lawyer before they are even formally charged. People who are arrested are allowed to make phone calls from jail. The rules governing calls can vary from one police station to another. Some might only allow one phone call, while others might allow a person to make any number of calls within a certain time period. At least one of those calls should be to an attorney.

Whether a person is charged with a minor crime or a major one, there are a lot of ways that a lawyer can help them. In some cases, a lawyer will be able to get charges reduced. Getting a felony reduced to a misdemeanor can make a world of difference. There are also times when lawyers are successful at getting charges dropped altogether. When a lawyer is hired by a defendant, they will carefully go over the case to see how strong the evidence is. They will also check to ensure that law enforcement didn’t do anything wrong while making the arrest. Cases can be dismissed if arresting officers make certain mistakes.

Criminal charges are serious. Being convicted can result in fines and/or imprisonment. Without the help of a lawyer, a defendant is making a huge gamble. It’s just better for a person to get on the phone and hire a lawyer to fight for their rights.

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