Don’t Try It on Your Own and Contact a Divorce Attorney in Brainerd, MN

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Divorce Attorneys


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Divorce is nothing to take lightly because poor decisions could cause a terrible outcome when the divorce is final. Trying to change a divorce decree after a divorce is possible, but it can be difficult proving that circumstances have changed. Making the right decision the first time is possible with the help of a divorce attorney in Brainerd, MN.

A divorce attorney will never make a judgment about why an individual is getting a divorce and is only there to help them through the process. Although it is tempting for some individuals to save money by doing their divorce, poor settlement agreements, child custody arrangements, and alimony or support payment might not be legally addressed in an enforceable manner.

Dissolution of Marriage

The term divorce everyone comprehends, but in Minnesota the court calls it ‘dissolution of marriage’. Even they use a different term, it is the same as a divorce. A dissolution of marriage can take several months to complete.

Same-Sex Couples

In 2013, the law in Minnesota changed to cover same-sex partners. One party must have be living in Minnesota for at least 180 days before the divorce is filed. A same-sex couple can also get divorced in Minnesota if they were married in Minnesota after August 2013.


When children are involved in a divorce, the divorce cannot be finalized until a child custody order has been established. A divorce attorney in Brainerd, MN will help a parent be presented in the best light possible to the judge and will negotiate with the other side to obtain the best order possible. Determining whom the children will live with and how daily decisions will be made can become a complicated process without the experience of an attorney.

Property Settlement

When a property settlement is established, it will determine who will get the assets and who will pay the debts. This can be a tricky situation when the couples cannot agree.

Obtaining a divorce can be a complicated and frustrating process without an experienced divorce attorney. When you hire an attorney, you can feel confident the best outcome of the case will occur. Schedule a consultation to discuss your case today.

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