Drain Cleaning in Bellingham WA- How Are Drains Cleaned?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


Keeping your drains clean is very important for maintaining the efficiency of the plumbing system. Modern plumbing systems in houses and buildings are extremely complicated. To an uninformed individual, it’s just a series of pipes and valves running through the walls and the ground. There are pipes connecting to every plumbing fixture around the house. One pipe provides hot water and the other provides cold water. There are also pipes that carry waste water out of the plumbing fixtures and into the drain pipe.

The drain pipe is usually located under the ground, and connects directly to the main sewage line in the neighborhood. However, your drain pipe can easily get clogged after a while. Solid objects and hair can stick to the sides of the drain pipe, and that clog grows over time. You will need to call in a plumber for drain cleaning periodically to ensure that your plumbing system works smoothly.


When you call in a plumber for drain cleaning in Bellingham WA, they will first determine the location of the blockage. The plumbers might use specially designed cameras in order to see where the blockage lies. Once the position of the blockage has been determined, the plumbers will start taking remedial action.


The most obvious remedy used by plumbers for drain cleaning is power washing. Water will be passed through the drains at extremely high speeds in order to remove all sorts of blockages and clean the drain pipes completely. However, in some cases, this might not work. If that happens, the plumber might have to dig up a portion of the drain pipe and clean it separately before reinstalling it. This might take a longer while and will cost you a bit more money.

Is your drain pipe clogged again? Contact Bode’s Electric for drain cleaning periodically to ensure that your plumbing system works smoothly.

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