Drainage Systems In Natick MA Will Keep A Foundation Secure And Dry

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


The foundation of a home should be structurally sound and free of cracks, moisture and bowing walls. As the dirt shifts around a foundation, pressure can be created when the water isn’t freely flowing away from the footer of a home. Heavy rains and poor soil conditions can cause French drains to clog or fail. The result of poor drainage will first begin with spider cracks in the mortar joints of the foundation wall or on the floor. When it isn’t repaired, the crack will continue to spread and water will begin to seep through.

In some cases, minor changes can be made around a home such as extending a gutter downspout further from a home’s foundation. If the water isn’t moving away from a home, a homeowner should consider Drainage Systems in Natick MA. A series of pipes can be installed that removes the water from downspouts away from the home to dry well system. There’s no need to remove landscaping or trees and there’s no reason to have heavy equipment digging up the yard. Depending on the grade of the yard, the pipes may be extended to a better location near the road or storm drain.

Drainage systems in Natick MA can also involve installing new drains inside of a basement. When there’s water seeping in between the foundation wall and the floor, a new French drain is needed. High water tables can force water through a basement floor and cause puddles or flooding. A portion of the floor will need to be removed around the perimeter. Gravel will be put in the trench with 4″ PVC perforated pipes that are connected to a sump pump and pit. The pipe will be covered with more gravel so the water can flow freely to the pit. When the pit is full, the sump pump will push the water to a safe location and away from the foundation and floor.

A waterproofing company can help a homeowner remove the moisture and water from their basement before mold can develop. If your basement is too low to add additional living space, they can dig out the basement so you will have a high enough ceiling to use the area. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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