Dress Up the Exterior of a Home with an Aluminum Gate in Lexington KY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


Many times, the interior of a home is decorated to perfection, yet the exterior is lacking something. Why not make it stand out in grand style by installing a decorative Aluminum Gate in Lexington KY along with a fence. This is a great way to create a stunning entrance to the driveway or surround the property with the beauty it deserves. Decorating outside of a home is an easy and exciting project when working with an experienced team like Affordable Exteriors. Here are just a few ways that a homeowner can use decorative gates and fences to beautify the exterior of the property.

Aluminum Driveway Gates

If there is a distance between the entrance of the property and the actual home, a driveway gate with a wrought iron look is a perfect solution. Aluminum options that look like wrought iron provide security and a sophisticated beauty that few other gates can match. They can also add a sense of mystery to the property.

Vinyl Railings and Fences

Consider surrounding a pool, patio, or another favorite area with a vinyl fence or railing. Vinyl options come in a range of glorious hues, so that residents can match their fence with their home or garden’s color scheme. These railings and fences also make it possible to form comfortable outdoor dining areas. A professional will have the equipment, materials, and experience to build a fence that is perfect for any situation. There are options that are designed to look great and built to last a lifetime.

Arbors & Pergolas

Think about creating a delightful entrance to the front, side, or backyard by using wood arbors or pergolas. These options are made of rot and pest resistant cedar. They allow one to create a magical gateway to a private garden or other special areas.

Decorating the outside of a home is an investment that will provide privacy and security. The experienced team will provide affordable options and will help design a creative fencing system and Aluminum Gate in Lexington KY that adheres to local zoning laws as well as covenants. Get started today and contact us for a free estimate.

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