Early Signs That Homeowners Need a Grout Repair Service in Houston, TX

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2019


When it has been professionally applied, grout can be expected to last a decade or more. Eventually, though, this bonding material wears away and tile floors, walls, and countertops become open to damage. Instead of just waiting until the grout has worn away completely and water has begun to seep into the tiles and damage the sub-floor, homeowners can keep an eye out for the following early warning signs that it’s time to call a Grout Repair Service in Houston, TX.

Visible Deterioration

If there are visible signs of deterioration, it’s just a matter of time before water begins to penetrate beneath the tiles and cause problems. Cracked or crumbling grout should be repaired immediately, no matter how old it is. While most grout that is beginning to deteriorate is suffering from a simple case of old age, improper application can lead this to occur much sooner.

Mold Growth

Small amounts of mold growing along the grout lines between tiles can typically be removed safely by homeowners themselves. If it keeps returning, though, it should become clear that their topical cleaning practices just aren’t enough. The mold is likely reoccurring due to an underlying problem either within or beneath the grout.

Mold growth can cause serious health risks. Unfortunately, it can also spread quite quickly in moist and warm areas like bathrooms. Call a Grout Repair Service in Houston TX as soon as possible if stubborn or recurring mold begins to become a problem.

Loose Tiles

Even if the grout that’s visible to homeowners looks like it’s in good shape, there may be unseen damage behind the tiles. If tiles are moving from side to side it just stands to reason that there is an empty space behind or next to them where grout should be. When just one or a few tiles are mobile, a grout specialist may be able to repair them individually if the problem is caught in time, though, so don’t hesitate to call for help.

Get Started Today

The problems described above will only get worse with time and eventually, they can lead to much more extensive and expensive to repair water damage. Don’t put off the inevitable. Contact us to find out about one local service that can help today.

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