Easiest Way to Pick a Utility Billing Service Provider

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


If a municipality is looking for a way to maximize the revenue they receive from the water authority they should look at all of the different utility billing services that are available. The initial step is to compile a list of all the firms that are providing these utility billing services and when the list has been created the screening process can begin. It would be wise to take this screening process seriously or it could lead to financial hardship.

Right Way to Screen a Utility Billing Service Provider

Create a list of all the firms offering utility billing services then, one by one, visit their website. While visiting the website the municipality needs to find out how long the firm has been offering their services to the public. If the service provider has been in business for more than five (5) years they should move to the top of the list. While newly formed utility billing service providers may be able to meet the needs of a utility they do not have a documented history. After the municipality has spotted the utility billing service provider that has been in business for more than five years the next step is to look at how they implement their billing service. The municipality needs to look for the solution that is scalable and will not become obsolete in a few years.

Additional Important Items to Consider

There are some additional important items that an individual needs to consider before they make any decisions. The first is finding out how the provider of these utility billing services bills for their services. What some of these companies do is charge a fee based on usage, however, others charge a licensing fee for their software. It would be in the best interest of the municipality to look at all of the different pricing structures before they actually make a final decision on which one to use and which to avoid. The last item is looking at the popularity of the company to make sure they have a great reputation otherwise the municipality could end up getting stuck with a company that has a terrible customer service track record.

The municipality will need to follow these suggestions if they want to find the right provider of utility billing services. It would not be prudent to rush through this process or the municipality could make the wrong decision that would cost them greatly.

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