Eczema and an Allergist in Evansville, IN

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Health


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Eczema has multiple causes and, as a result, there are (homeopathy, naturopathic, herbal medicine, acupuncture, essential oils, organic decoding diseases) a wide variety of treatments. Yet, whatever the method used, proper diagnosis is fundamental. If a dermatologist cannot diagnose the cause, he or she may send the patient to an Allergist in Evansville IN. From there, the allergist will carry out allergy testing to verify the origin of the disease. It is at this point the allergist becomes vital.


Tests are done to the skin. The allergist will drop a solution containing the suspected allergen onto the patient’s skin to see if it causes a reaction. If this is the case, the allergen can be affirmed. The allergist will also perform a series of subcutaneous examinations. These tests, in turn, determine whether food or chemicals are the cause of an allergy. Through these tests, it is possible to detect and isolate all the factors, both dietary and chemical, that could cause eczema in a given person. Finally, through these tests, the Allergist in Evansville IN, is able to know if the patient has or has not developed an antibody against the allergens.


The mission of an allergist will be to reduce the allergic risk of the patient. From the examination results, he or she will advise the patient to avoid a number of substances, food or not. Moreover, the allergy will have an important informational role by reminding the patient that there could be other issues or diseases very frequently associated with eczema. Atopic dermatitis is typically an allergic eczema for which a patient (usually a child) is to be referred to an allergist. It is the same for contact dermatitis caused by contact with an allergen.

Dermatologists and allergists are two different things. For instance, dermatologists are doctors specializing in the field of skin diseases whereas allergists are allergy specialists. When it comes to eczema, many will go see a dermatologist for help. But why are allergists also interested eczema? This is because they have a role to play in the diagnosis of contact dermatitis as well. For more information, visit today.

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